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Based in Lebanon, NJ


Unlock Your Home's Full Potential

Based in Lebanon, NJ.

Based in Lebanon, NJ - Home X Automation is a smart home installation and configuration service. Our goal is to provide the best experience for our customers within today's world of technology. We look forward to "Unlocking Your Homes Full Potential" by adding convenience, safety, and security aspects to your lifestyle. 

Media Room

Home X Automation LLC

Based in Lebanon, NJ - Home X Automation is a smart home installation and configuration service. Our goal is to provide the best experience for our customers within today's world of technology. We look forward to "Unlocking Your Homes Full Potential" by adding convenience, safety, and security aspects to your lifestyle. 



We start with a free consultation to assess your homes spaces and equipment you currently utilize. Our goal is to find out what it is your looking for and we will probably fill in some blanks of what you never thought was possible. Upon your approval we may take some measurements and pictures of certain rooms, areas and the property. 

Remember, chances are it can be automated and the only limit is the imagination.

Some Automations include:

Cameras, Water, Smoke/CO, Natural Gas, Sirens, Strobe Lights, Panic Buttons, Heating/Air Conditioning, Air Purifiers, Home Theater, Window/Door Blinds/Curtains, Retractable Awnings, Mailbox, Garage Door, Washer and Dryer, Dishwasher 

Back-up internet/network power

Lighting: Mood lighting, theme lighting, any color, time of day/night, motion, presence, both indoor and outdoor

GPS location arrival/departure,

Mobile vehicle hands-free home control, All components are Voice/App control

Control your home from anywhere!

You want a very specific Automation, how about if you want a light to come on every other day... of every other week... from 2 - 4:00pm, the color blue, at 55% bright, but only if someone is home.....Specific Enough?

Just Ask, You will be suprised!

Because manually flipping light switches is so last Century...

We do offer full NETWORK / IT / WI-FI installation, configuration and repair services, after all your network is the foundation of all the smart home automations! 

Post installation will include Homeowner/Household App.s training and an Onsite Follow-up visit for functionality and fine tuning.

Industry Collaboration

Industries Associated with Home Automation Services

Approx. Service Area

Service Area Map, Central New Jersey, Hunterdon County, Somerset County, Middlesex County, Warren County, Morris County

We'll Custom Tailor Solutions Specific to Your Home and Household!

Home Control App

Smart Home Solutions

We use innovative, smart hardware and software to custom create automations that offer you state-of-the-art home improvements and technological solutions. We utilize the newest in communication technologies with all the top branded quality components.

Serving Central New Jersey, Hunterdon, Somerset, Middlesex, Morris and Warren Counties.



PHONE: (610) 246-0617

Contact your Homeowners Insurance with our Customer Certificate about Policy Discounts

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Home Integrity/Safety

From Smoke/Fire/Carbon Monoxide, to Natural Gas, and Water we Monitor and Incorporate Automated Safety Shut-offs with remote Notifications for all Aspects.

You can rest easy with Home X Automation here to help protect the integrity and safety of your Home and Family.

Automated Natural gas Safety shut-off valve
Natural Gas Burner
Automated Water Main Safety Shut-off valve
Monitored Automated Smoke and CO Detector
Home theater room  large screen tv couches
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Home Theater/Media Room

Our home theaters are the perfect solution to take your movie nights and game days to the next level. With our top-notch technology, including TVs and projectors, you can enjoy a true surround sound system and theme lighting that will make your home feel like a real cinema. We are here to help unlock your home's full potential and create a customized media room that will impress your guests and make your movie nights unforgettable. So why wait? Let us help you elevate your home entertainment experience today!

home Media Room Surround Sound Speakers Dolby
Home X Automation Blue LOGO 3

Smart Holiday Lighting

Set the perfect ambiance for any holiday

with indoor and/or outdoor, customized Lighting.

From Christmas Tree lights to red/green outdoor landscape lighting

And don't forget Red, White and Blue for all of our Patriotic Holidays.

Home X Automations can help you with this.

Holiday Custom Colorful Red Green Floor Lamp Automated Christmas Theme
Holiday Custom Ceiling Fan Christmas theme Holiday Red Green
Christmas Decor Tree light strips Fireplace Automated
Patriotic Holiday Theme Custom Lighting Red White Blue

Family Pets

Family Pets Puppy and Kitten Camera View Live
From Reptile Enclosures to Aquariums and Terrariums, we will Automate Day/Night Heating, Cooling, Lighting and Filters!
Additionally keep an eye on the Pooch or Kitty
as you talk to them through a Camera and dispense their favorite treats remotely.
best family pet Bearded Dragon

Component Airbrush
Painting and Blending

We offer Premium, Five-Star Rated Component Airbrush/Painting, and  Blending/Dying Services to match the installation environment.

These are available on request, so please feel free to email us (below)!

Component Color Matching to the Environment Decor
Color Match decor green room color paint Presence Sensor

Are you excited about adding a bright white
sensor to your colorful decor? Probably Not...

Vertical Door Blinds Automated by Voice and GPS

Window/Door Blinds & Retractable Awnings

All window/door blinds are: Remote Control, Voice Control Activated, GPS Location/Geofence Automated; and, Illuminance Automated.

Retractable Awnings are: Remote Control, Voice Control, Have an Internal Wind Sensor; with Hardware and software to control a 3-Mile Wide Geofence(GPS Live Weather) Auto Retraction, over 9 MPH Wind in any Direction (Cell Phone Notification Sent with an In-House Announcement). No Surprises!

Automation #1/ Wind Over 9mph In Any Direction

Automation #2/ Wind Over 7mph From The Direction Your Awning is Facing

Your Awning is Auto Retracted

GPS Weather Monitored



We are surrounded by technology, so why shouldn't your furniture fit Todays Modern Lifestyle too.

This is a Jaw Dropper that will have your guests speechless! And Yes, they are Voice controlled as well.

Out of a Need or Desire COMES INNOVATION!!!

These Tables are Custom-Built-To Order- Any Style or Color

Dining/Bar Table+Chairs Coming soon(Convert to Bar Table/Stools on Command or Auto 8-12pm when someone enters, both with a Theme Package of Music/Lights). 

Home Control App

Need more details?
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PHONE: (610) 246-0617

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Bloomsbury, NJ

Happy customer review

Home X Automation(Ryan) was really great to work with. Very professional and fun at the same time. They automated our current window/door blinds and retractable awning. I used to go around at night and close everything, NO MORE. Can't even put to words how cool they are now!

Annandale, NJ

Happy Customer with Remote Home Control

Home X was very Prompt and Professional. They were very attentive to all the details we requested.  Some of the details I was kinda joking around with but Ryan just said OK and it was done. We did ALL the safety aspects and some custom lighting as well. We never knew these things were even possible! Love the remote control and that Home X can tune/repair remotely if need be. Will be doing some more add-ons and referring others.

Flemington, NJ

Customer Pleased with all the safety Automations
Ryan was very interested in what we were looking for as he proposed all our options and made suggestions. He suggested things we had no idea that could even be done. We had Home X integrate smoke, water, and natural gas automations to our existing home network.
Will be adding more features in the near future!
They are very professional!

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